Up coming shows:

Saturday  July   9, 2016

Queen Anne  Days Festival

show time   12:25p-1p

About the Tribute Artist

"So many people love to hear and sing Elvis songs to this very day and Tony sure has a special way of making you believe that the King is still alive! From the hips to the voice that's kin to our favorite Elvis tapes and CD's Tony has captured a respected vantage point to one of our most known American musical icons.

I personally love the natural and playful interaction with the audience and I enjoy the passion and respected approach to the diverse play list that I've heard on a few occasions I've witnessed the performance.  Tony's personality is also perfect for all those post-performance attention he receives. He brings smiles to our faces while reminding us of how special a talent Elvis was...is!"

Christopher Togawa

CTIA Insurance Agency

Tribute To The Kingpe

​By Tony C.

Inspired by his early hits, Tony C. grew up singing along with the radio.

He cultivated his vocal instrument singing with the  church choir in his  hometown of Seattle. Look out for this dedicated Tribute Artist who works hard to pay tribute to the King of Rock'n Roll.

The King could be in your building...